Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. Our pre-client consultation process is designed to get to know you, learn about your goals and situation, and introduce you to our team and our process. During your consultation, you’ll learn how our transparent fee structure works.

In the simplest terms, big firms have big bottom lines and goals that may not align with yours. As an independent advisor, my loyalty and my team’s loyalty is to you. As a fiduciary, my ultimate duty is to you and your goals.

Yes. We work best with clients who will have at least $1 million to invest in their retirement. That’s simply because we want our clients to be able to benefit from ALL the tools and strategies we offer to create reliable income and growth in retirement.

We serve diligent savers in the East Bay and nationwide who are seeking careful growth and protection from market losses in their retirement strategies. Our typical client is within 5 to 10 years of a retirement transition and is seeking advice on how to transition from growth-oriented investing to income-driven investing.

Our ideal clients are intelligent, coachable, and prudent with money. They’re seeking a collaborative partnership with an advisor and are willing to evaluate new ideas and make educated decisions about their portfolio. We work best with clients who have at least $1 million to invest in their retirement.

We work best with clients who are seeking a collaborative partner in their retirement. Those who aren’t convinced of the value of professional advice are unlikely to be a good fit for us. We also don’t work well with “adrenaline junkies” who seek out exciting investments or chase big risks.

Yes. Many of our clients live outside California, around the country, or travel abroad frequently, and we’re happy to work with them virtually.

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