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Michael Ginsberg, JD, CFP®

Certified Financial PlannerSM

Hi, I'm Michael. I founded Ginsberg Financial Strategies in 2012 because I wanted to move beyond “traditional” financial advice that left my retirement-focused clients vulnerable to market losses.

I’m passionate about helping clients create reliable retirement income, but I was fed up with risky market-based solutions, so I developed a simple income-based blueprint that empowers clients to create lifetime wealth.

Now, I help diligent savers in the East Bay use my Lifetime Wealth BlueprintSM to protect what they have, grow it carefully, and feel confident retiring knowing their money will last as long as they need it to.

Everything we do—our services, our operations, and our outreach—is shaped by this goal.

Career Highlights

  • Certified Financial Planner℠.

  • Over 25 years of personal, business, and professional investment experience.

  • Former practicing attorney specializing in real estate & estate planning.

  • Founder of a property management company & developer of custom property management software.

  • VP of Commercial Lending at Wells Fargo.

  • Founder of a residential mortgage firm specializing in home equity management, triggering the development of the retirement income planning philosophy I use with my clients.

  • Created the Lifetime Wealth Blueprint℠ to build reliable retirement income and reduce risk through alternative investments with lower market volatility risks than traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

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My Client Promise

I commit to putting my money where my mouth is and investing my personal retirement funds the same way. Every recommendation I make is backed by decades of experience, rigorous research, and a total focus on generating reliable income while lowering risk.

I commit to providing proactive updates, whether the news is good or bad, and being accessible to my clients for questions, concerns, celebrations, and sadness. Whatever you need, my team and I are an email or phone call away.

I commit to extraordinary due diligence and continuous research and improvement. My duty is to be your facilitator, collaborator, and retirement partner, and I commit to going deep in getting to know fund companies and investment partners before I recommend investments.

I commit to independence and loyalty. As an independent fiduciary, my loyalty is to my clients—not corporate overlords. As an independent RIA, I have access to investments that most advisors do not because of their split loyalties and required profit margins.

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