Securing Your Lifetime Retirement Income

"I don’t want to run out of money."

We’ve saved diligently and built a substantial nest egg, but can we retire and enjoy an active retirement without running out of money later in life?

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Kenji & Sarah

Ages: 59 & 57

Professions: Senior Director of Information Technology & Special Counsel, Attorney

Kenji and Sarah are high earners in their late 50s. Now that their kids are launched, they are considering retirement but aren’t sure it’s safe to retire yet.

The Issues

They have different timelines for retirement.

Kenji still mostly enjoys his senior IT role and isn’t sure he’s ready to fully retire.

Sarah is ready to give up her demanding job in corporate law and totally shift her priorities. She wants to travel, spend time on their active hobbies, and maybe even buy a place in the mountains while they’re still young enough to enjoy it all.

They’re worried about the impact another downturn will have on their portfolio.

Kenji & Sarah have already experienced serious losses during the 2008 crisis and other market downturns. Most of their retirement assets are in traditional market investments that are susceptible to wild swings in value.

As intelligent investors, they are acutely aware of the danger “sequence of returns risk” poses to their retirement security if markets underperform for multiple years in a row.

Sarah says, “I used to literally lie awake at night wondering how we were going to be able to retire and what would happen to us during another market crisis.”

They’re worried about the impact another downturn will have on their portfolio.

Though they’ve mostly managed their investments themselves, Kenji and Sarah know they don’t have the skills to handle the transition from “accumulation” to “distribution.”

That’s where we stepped in.

The Plan

Create an easy-to-understand lifetime income plan that shows how much income they can expect every year of their life.

Using our Lifetime Wealth BlueprintSM process, we created an easy-to-understand “3-bucket” income and growth strategy. That allows us to generate income from a portion of their savings without touching the majority of their portfolio so it can grow over time.

We protect Kenji and Sarah from downturns by seeking out alternative investments that don’t depend on the stock market and are designed to generate consistent returns without market volatility.

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The Results

Kenji and Sarah are now “semi-retired” and loving it. Sarah retired from her full-time attorney role and now takes on occasional projects that interest her. Kenji shifted into a contract role for his firm so he can focus on mentorship and high-level strategy while having time to travel.

What gave them the confidence to make the leap?

“I understand exactly how our portfolio is invested, why we chose an income-based approach, and where our paycheck is coming from for the rest of our lives,” says Kenji.

Sarah enjoys knowing that she has an active team managing her money so she can sleep well without worrying about what happens next. Kenji loves digging into the details behind each investment and engaging in a collaborative investing process with Michael.

They meet with Michael regularly to keep tabs on performance and make changes as needed.

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