Retirement Income Planning You Can Trust

“We want a straightforward income plan we can understand and trust.”

How can we create a simple retirement income plan that makes sense?

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Antonio & Scott

Ages: 63 & 57

Professions: Senior Engineer & College Professor

Antonio and Scott have always lived below their means and saved diligently for retirement, even while putting Scott’s two kids through college.

The Issues

They want to retire soon and want to know they’ll have enough income.

Antonio is a professor who could retire at any time but still enjoys teaching and research. However, his department is merging with another and he’s not sure he wants to stick around for the big changes. Scott is a senior electrical engineer who still finds his work interesting but is tired of his daily commute.

They’re not sure how to shift from saving to creating income.

Scott has always managed their investments, but he’s not entirely comfortable with the challenge of turning a lifetime of saving into a lifetime of income. He understands that there aren’t any do-overs in retirement, and he’s wary of the dangers “sequence of returns” risk poses to their retirement security.

They haven’t found an advisor they trust.

Scott and Antonio had already met with a few advisors but had walked away feeling turned off because they felt pressured into investments that didn’t make sense or weren’t getting straightforward answers.

Scott was frustrated because he didn’t feel safe to retire until he could be completely certain they’d have enough income for the rest of their lives.

As Antonio put it, “We felt like every advisor was trying to sell us a regular portfolio and didn’t have answers to our questions about downturns. I didn’t feel comfortable with their advice because it just didn’t make sense to me.”

That’s when we stepped in.

The Plan

Create a straightforward retirement income plan while reducing the market volatility risk.

Using our Lifetime Wealth BlueprintSM process, we created a simple “3-bucket” income and growth strategy that allows Antonio and Scott to retain control over their portfolio and gives them the “roadmap” to retirement income they want.

Their plan is a simple one-page income blueprint that’s easy to understand and shows them exactly how much money they’re expected to have in each year of retirement.

Under the hood, it’s much more complicated, but we break each investment decision down into simple principles and logical steps so they can understand the reasoning and make informed, collaborative decisions about their portfolio.

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The Results

Now, Antonio and Scott are almost fully retired and spend three months each year in Tuscany, frequently hosting family and friends.

Scott occasionally consults on engineering projects and RFPs and Antonio drops in once a semester to teach masterclasses as an emeritus.

They check in with Michael a few times a year when decisions have to be made but otherwise don’t think about their plan at all.

Antonio loves that he understands exactly where their income is coming from each year and can ask questions as needed. Scott enjoys analyzing data and crunching numbers with Michael so he can make the most informed decisions possible.

By understanding exactly where their income is coming from and how their portfolio is invested to avoid as much risk as possible, Antonio and Scott have the confidence to retire and enjoy life.

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