Strategic Portfolio Management in a Volatile Market

“I want to protect what I have and grow it carefully. I DON’T WANT overly risky investments.”

How can we manage our portfolio for retirement when the stock market is so volatile?

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Jo & Lulu

Ages: 59 & 58

Professions: Lead Developer & Operations Director

Jo and Lulu are high-earning professionals who have diligently put money away for retirement. They were heavily involved in their parents’ care and realized that they’d like to retire sooner rather than later so they can enjoy an active lifestyle as long as possible.

The Issues

They aren’t sure they have enough saved to retire.

Lulu and Jo have lived thriftily and saved a considerable nest egg over the years but they aren’t sure how to plan for retirement income or how to give themselves permission to retire.

They aren’t sure how to create income from their portfolio.

It’s one thing to manage a portfolio for growth during the “accumulation phase” of life when you have time to recover from mistakes. It’s entirely a different challenge to build a retirement portfolio that generates income while withstanding the serious market downturns that occur regularly.

That’s because most of their 401k and IRA assets are in traditional market investments that are susceptible to wild swings in value.

They’re worried about the impact another downturn will have on their portfolio.

Jo and Lulu have already experienced the damage of serious losses during the 2008 crisis and are eager to avoid a repeat.

They are acutely aware of the danger “sequence of returns risk” poses to their retirement security if markets fall for multiple years in a row.

As they put it, “We don’t want to take major risks. We just want to grow what we have carefully and use it to generate income.”

Here’s where we stepped in.

The Plan

Create reliable income and growth while reducing the market volatility risk.

Using our Lifetime Wealth BlueprintSM process, we created a growth and income strategy that’s based on finding “non-market correlated” investments. That means that their income is generated from investments that don’t move with the stock market.

Traditional market investments are highly volatile. They go up and down along with headlines and investor fads, holding your income and lifestyle hostage to a variety of factors outside your control.

Michael has devoted his career to identifying and evaluating non-market correlated investments that offer consistent returns with less market risk. That’s not to say that we can remove all risk, but we can find ways to generate returns with lower market risk.

Jo and Lulu’s plan is a simple one-page income blueprint that’s easy to understand and shows them exactly how much money they’re expected to have in each year of retirement.

Under the hood, it’s much more complicated, but we break each investment decision down into simple principles and logical steps so they can understand the reasoning and make informed, collaborative decisions about their portfolio.

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The Results

Lulu and Jo are happily retired and enjoying a life full of travel, philanthropy, and time spent with close friends and family.

They check in with Michael a few times a year when decisions have to be made but otherwise don’t think about their plan at all.

They ask questions and look at the data so they can be informed partners and even turn down some ideas. They’re happy to have an active team of managers facilitating investments and helping them make smart decisions.

By creating a growth and income plan that’s easy to understand and mitigates as much risk as possible, Jo and Lulu have the confidence they need to retire.

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