Preserve Your Wealth in Retirement

“I lost a lot of money in 2008. I’m afraid of what another major downturn will do to my portfolio.”

How can I invest for retirement when I can’t afford to take losses during the next downturn?

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Age: 62

Profession: Senior Director of Human Resources at a Large Regional Hospital

Regina is a conscientious, intelligent investor. She’s worked hard and diligently contributed to her retirement portfolios, usually living below her means so she can save. She’s tired of the politics in her hospital and would love to retire so she can travel and visit her far-flung group of friends.

The Issues

She’s not sure she has enough saved for retirement.

Regina knows she doesn’t have a backup plan, so she’s not confident in pulling the trigger on her own retirement.

She isn’t sure how to turn her savings into income.

As an intelligent investor, she understands that it’s one thing to manage a portfolio for growth during the “accumulation phase” of life when you have time to recover from mistakes.

It’s entirely a different challenge to build a retirement portfolio that generates income while withstanding the serious market downturns that occur regularly.

She’s worried about the impact future downturns will have on her income.

Over the years, Regina followed traditional market-based investing advice and carefully managed her retirement accounts for growth. However, due to major market crises along the way, she suffered serious portfolio losses, some of which took years to recover from.

She’s not sure how to invest for needed growth and income without putting herself at risk.

As Regina put it, “I don’t need to make a killing in markets. I just want to protect what I have and grow it carefully. I can’t afford major losses anymore.”

That’s where we stepped in.

The Plan

Give Regina permission to retire by creating a simple roadmap to income and growth.

After meeting with Regina and building her custom Lifetime Wealth BlueprintSM, we determined that she did have enough saved to retire.

Her plan is a simple one-page income blueprint that’s easy to understand and is designed to create reliable income and mitigate as much risk as possible in retirement.

By investing in “non-market correlated” investments, Regina’s portfolio generates income and pursues growth without the volatility and downturns of market-based portfolios.

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The Results

Now Regina is relaxed and fully enjoying a life full of hobbies, travel, friends, and occasional consulting projects.

She no longer even reads market headlines because she knows her Lifetime Wealth BlueprintSM is set up to deliver consistent income and careful growth for the rest of her life.

Regina has the confidence of knowing that she doesn’t have to worry about markets anymore. She occasionally gets a kick out of learning about the latest alternative investments and making collaborative decisions with Michael about how her money is invested.

By understanding exactly how her portfolio is invested to defend against downturns while creating income and growth, Regina has the confidence to step into retirement and pursue her dreams of travel.

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Note: the above case study is hypothetical and does not involve an actual client. No portion of the content should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that they will experience the same or certain level of results or satisfaction if Ginsberg Financial Strategies is engaged to provide investment advisory services.